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Teen Life Development Center

Housing Assistance

Child Care Assistance

Life Skills Assistance


A. For Foster Care Individuals: when a Child is taken out of the home; it's a traumatic experience and to have A Light in A Dark Place partner with the Police Department & other Agencies will provide that child or children a Positive Spiritual Comforting Environment until placement is found. The Police Department or an Agency Representative will contact A Light in A Dark Place for temporary shelter, until a home placement is found
B. Eviction: A person has NO place to lay their head D. A Place of Safety from Abuse (physical, verbal, mental, and emotional): A safe Place away from Abusive Relationships or circumstances when a person or individuals are in a predicament, they're going from place to place, and are unstable. A Light in A Dark Place will not only provide stability; but it will also be a place of safety, peace, and comfort.
 C. Aged Out of the System: Assist with job search, provide information to review, implement changes, and focus towards living a life with a positive future.

A. Financial Grant that will cover Child Care Assistance for a 30 Day, 60 Day, and 90 Day period. The Goal of the Grant is to assist the Parent in becoming sufficient & succeed in the Workforce
B. Mandatory Classes, Group and Individual discussions (meetings) to discuss:
       1.The Literature Packets (Information that will be applied to their current circumstance)
        2. The Change ( Making Self Evaluations)
        3. Implementing and applying the information to their lives. Hands on requirements on Parenting Classes & Financial Management
C. Our Goal is to Encouraged Self Sufficiency
Education, Parenting Information, and Important Life Skills
Encourage individuals to strive for Success & being Independent
All Scholarships and or Grants have to be earned through work or volunteered hours
Written Reports are MANDATORY
Temporary Placement Emergency Care until a home is found by partnering Agencies, or Housing through Housing Agencies
Parenting information Group: Seek information to HELP with Parenting skills, and to better a persons current circumstance
Changing Mindsets to Succeed
1) Finances being used wisely in spending, prioritizing bills, and establishing a Mandatory Budget.
2) Living Arrangements (Positive People, Environment, Atmosphere and the Surroundings
3) Various Vouchers
Parenting Group Sessions providing various books, articles, an a wide variety of information that will help all families, from different Communities, Offer coping  sessions, with different types issues, willing to Learn, listen, and be receptive to change.
The Goal of this Ministry is to offer a positive outlook on LIFE changes, a made up mind to avoid returning to that place in life where they were in bondage.
In this Ministry it is important to establish that all excuses are surrendered unto God, and that you become a willing vessel for change.

A Development Center for ages 13-18 that will enhance, encourage, and engage in the lives of teenagers to bring out their talents & gifts.
With the proper information given, every teenager will be given an opportunity to not only Dream; but create a Vision by "writing it down and making it plain."
The Development Center will be a place of Safety, with a Positive Atmosphere and Enviroment.
Our focus will be to PUSH & TEACH the importance of destroying generational curses and accepting CHANGE and GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS.
Membership Fees are based on individual circumstances and situations.
This WILL be a "Place of Acceptance"  






Testimony from Emergency Care Parent

Testimony from Pastor Cherri Schmidt